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The World’s Most Successful Basketball Players

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While basketball isn’t quite as old as many of the other international sports that we know and love today, it is by far one of the most popular, representing millions of fans and thousands of truly gifted players. Basketball is not an easy game to be a pro at, and requires countless years of training and dedication, and even then, only a handful of players are able to make it through to the top leagues.

Basketball stands out among other games in that it tends to attract some of history’s most truly gifted players, many of which have gone down in the annuls of history due to their raw talent and the many incredible moments that immortalised them forever. Here we will explore some of the most successful basketball players of all time.

Magic Johnson

There aren’t many basketball fans that have not heard the name of Magic Johnson, a player that known for both his skill and his incredible charm on the court. First seeing popularity in the 1980s, Magic Johnson was able to capture five championships in total during his 13 years playing for the LA Lakers. Standing at almost 6 feet in height – a height that gives him the record for the tallest NBA point guard – Johnson currently also holds the records for the most assists per game in the history of the sport. After his career came to an end, he became known both for this charity work as well as his decades long battle with HIV.

Michael Jordan

Arguably the most well known basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan has become synonymous with the game and the NBA, mostly due to his many achievements over the course of his career. And it was a truly illustrious career, where he was able to win six championships along with five MVP awards. He became famous on the court for his defence, and to this day, many fans around the world consider him the greatest basketball defender that ever lived. Along with this, he holds the record for the highest scoring average in the NBA, with an average of 30.1 points per game, something that most other players can only dream of. Trained by Phil Jackson, Jordan remains a powerhouse in the sporting industry, and has gone on to be a successful businessman and member of society.

LeBron James

While his name not be quite as widespread as the previous entry, most would be fairly hard-pressed to find a basketball lover that hadn’t heard of LeBron James and his many famous exploits. And despite not being quite as popular as other players, he is statistically the very best basketball player of all time, doing things that some consider not possible for an average human, and it’s common to find him in various media, from TV to Over the course of his career, James has earned an average of 27.5 points on average per game, along with 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 steals, and while these are on par with most other pros, they are numbers that he began achieving extremely early on into his career. In fact, LeBron James proved his skill from an exceptionally early age, and it’s his continued performance throughout his life that has made him stand up above most of his competitors.


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