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Making Someone Fall In Love With Baseball

Sebastian Langer 0

Sometimes all we want is someone else to share the same interests as we do. There’s nothing quite as lonely as sitting at home alone and watching the latest game without anyone to share the victories (and the losses) with. Fortunately, the game of baseball is incredibly easy to fall in love with, and making another person love it too is a relatively easy process for those that want to start enjoying the game with their friends.

There are plenty of different ways of introducing baseball to someone and also giving them a chance to enjoy the game for what it is and potentially even grow a real passion for it, as we will look at here.

Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy baseball shares many of the same concepts as other fantasy games, where real players and real teams are used within a fantasy setting. This is a great way of introducing the game to someone new in a way that they can metabolise everything at a much more comfortable pace.

It’s also easier to give them an idea of the rules, what the various positions are, and which teams are considered the most successful within the MLB roster. Most fantasy games require at least two people, but it’s easy enough to bring in more people and make it a group event. Learning about the different players is a lot of the fun of baseball, which is different from games like football where the players seem a lot more interchangeable because their faces are always covered up.

Going To Live Games

If fantasy baseball doesn’t convince them to give baseball a real try, the next best option is a live baseball game. Not only will they be able to see the game as it’s in motion, but they will get a real sense of the amount of passion and energy other fans have for baseball, and it’s a passion that’s generally quite infectious.

A live game offers so much more than one simply watched on television, and it does really help a lot that there will be food and drink available. Baseball fans also tend to be less zealous than in many other sports, meaning that the majority of games will be fairly laid-back with very little screaming or brawling – although this can change when two well-known rivals are battling it out.

Playing Baseball

Many people fall in love with a sport after having played it for some time – similarly to those that can’t put down mobile pokies once they start – usually during their school years, and it’s a love that lasts for their entire lives. And this direct engagement is an excellent way of making someone understand why so many people like to play it: it’s fun!

Baseball doesn’t have the fast-paced or aggressive nature of other games, it’s much more forgiving in many ways, and it’s a really great way of spending a sunny afternoon with some friends.

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