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Top 5 Football Clubs of 2021

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The end of 2021 signalled the middle part of the 21/22 season for most football leagues around the world. It also signalled the end of what was a topsy turvy and incredibly exciting year for football.

Why Is Football Called Soccer?

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One of the most well-recognised differences among British and American English is the fact that the sport – which is known as football in Great Britain - is typically called soccer in the United States. As the sport was born in England, it is often believed that soccer is an Americanism. In actual fact, the word is completely British in origin.

The Highest Paid Football Players Ever

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There’s no denying that professional football players are among the highest-paid people on the planet. But even among these, there are a few true superstars that are so skilled and so popular among their team and fans that they out-earn almost all their competitors every year.

Check out the Common Football Terminologies

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Football is the world’s most popular sport, being followed by over 3 billions fans from around the globe, and hosting some of the biggest events in the sports industry. It’s also among the oldest sports that we’re currently still playing, and much of the common terminology used in modern games has developed over many decades.