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The Top Greatest Knockouts In UFC History

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When a sports franchise has been running as long as the UFC there are going to be many historic moments. From underdog upsets to incredible matches, there is no shortage of legendary footnotes. It is, however, the big knockouts that fans remember the most.

Here are some of the most memorable knockouts in the UFC, some of which are regarded as legendary moments that will live on in sporting history forever.

Chuck Liddell Versus Randy Couture

Once a fighter is knocked down a peg they risk never regaining momentum.

Chuck Liddell had lost the light-heavyweight title to Randy Couture, sparking rumours that the fighter had finally passed his peak. Liddell proved the naysayers wrong at UFC 52. It took just 2 minutes before Liddell laid out couture with a right.

Anyone thinking it might have just been a fluke was silenced soon after. At UFC 57 Liddell knocked out Couture again, proving once and for all that he was no flash in the pan. He went on to fight a number of other impressive matches, enjoying a career that is arguably amongst the most memorable in UFC history.

Retired today at 53 Liddell is credited as having been instrumental in making the UFC, and MMA, a household name across the world.

Gabriel Gonzaga Versus Mirko Cro Cop

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, especially when it comes to the UFC. When Gonzaga went head to head with Cro Cop at UFC 70, it was supposed to set up Cro Cop versus Couture. But, thanks to a single, devastating kick to the head, Gonzaga got the shot at the heavyweight title instead.

Sadly, this knockout marked the beginning of the end for Cro Cop. Though the knockout also sparked a new beginning for Gonzaga.

Scott Smith Versus Pete Sell

Anyone glancing down at their phone for tennis betting tips might have missed this spectacular moment between Smith and Sell. In what is perhaps one of the most twisting fights in UFC history it seemed like Smith was going down, having endured a punishing shot to the body. Sell moved in for the kill, only to be met with a punch he never even saw coming.

Sell went down, having paid the ultimate price for his hubris. It just goes to show, even a wounded animal is extremely dangerous.

Dan Henderson Versus Michael Bisping

The UFC likes drama, which is probably why Bisping threw down so much trash talk leading up to UFC 100. Henderson didn’t respond to any of the foul mouthed antics, leading some to believe he was scared. But it turns out Henderson wasn’t cowering, he was simply saving his strength.

Every ounce of trash talk was repaid several times over in the cage. Henderson not only put down Bisping, he did so with a level brutality that is difficult to watch. A flying elbow to an unconscious opponent’s is always going to seem vicious.

Though, perhaps Bisping should have kept his mouth closed.

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