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Choosing The Right Team For Baseball Betting

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There is a lot of information to take in when betting on a sport. For most bettors, it’s easy enough to simply put money down on a team and then see what happens, but for those punters that want to make real money by the time the game or series comes to an end, a little more research and knowledge is needed before any informed decisions can be made.

How To Win Often With Baseball Betting

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There has never been a more profitable period in time to jump into baseball betting. Now with millions of punters from around the world, as well as excellent coverage from dozens of different bookies, baseball betting has become a legitimise pastime and a great way of making some extra money every month.

What Is Up With The World Series Of Baseball?

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A lot of people all over the world wonder why the World Series is a USA-only event. How can only teams from one country compete in a tournament to be champions of the world in baseball? The truth of the matter is, the actual world champions would be the team that wins the World Baseball Classic. This is an international tournament, where national teams compete every few years (much like a World Cup).

Baseball’s Highest Paid Players In History

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There’s no denying that being a professional athlete or sports player is fairly lucrative, with some of the most successful players of all time ending their careers with hundreds of millions in their bank accounts. Baseball is not exempt from this rule; instead some of the highest paid players of all time made their fortunes playing baseball. These are some of the most financially successful baseball players in history.

The World’s Priciest Baseball Cards

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Baseball cards have long been a favourite amongst sports memorabilia collectors. They range widely in value, and mainly due to the fact that baseball is the most followed pastime in the United States, there’s no shortage of cards of different players and from different time periods. Some baseball cards, however, are so rare that they’re worth millions, while others are virtually priceless. These are some of the most valuable baseball cards of all time.

Baseball Terminology for Beginners

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If you grew up watching thrilling baseball games live in the flesh, or even if you played it yourself at one point or another, you might already be familiar with the terminology used in this exhilarating sport. However, if you are new to the wonderful world of baseball, you might need a bit of assistance determining a bunt from a battery or a balk!