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The Most Successful Rugby Teams Of All Time

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Like many of the world’s most popular sports, rugby is based on team play, where opposing teams will battle for the win on the field. Rugby has grown in popularity over the last century, and is now one of the most enjoyed sports on the planet, with hundreds of millions of fans.

While the local school’s rugby game is always worth a watch, nothing can quite compare to witnessing the big, international teams having a go at one another. These consist of extremely talented and highly trained individuals that work together like clockwork when they’re participating in an event. With that in mind, these are the best rugby teams that the world has ever seen.

  1. Australia

Rugby is considered the most beloved pastime in Australia, and their success with their national team is a testament to this. Starting out in the 19th century, the Australian National Rugby team, also known as the Wallabies, is the second most successful in the world.

One of their first stories of this success can be traced to the turn of the 20th century, where they played against a British Isle team during the 1899 season and earned their first win. They’ve continued to dominate in the sport and have claimed two World Rugby Cup trophies over the years, along with a few victories in the world Cup. Their main competitors are South Africa and New Zealand, and few other teams are able to stand their ground against Australia.

  1. South Africa

Next on the list we have South Africa, where rugby is worshipped almost like a religion within the country. It’s also home to an incredibly successful national rugby team that also started out at a similar period of time as Australia.

The team, known as the Springboks, have time and time again shown their strength on the field, and have won dozens of trophies over the last century. Their wins are as exciting as those you’ll enjoy at top Keno sites, and they really put their all into every match.

Perhaps their most famous win came in 1995, just a year after the era of Apartheid had come to an end and the country was still in a state of transformation. Their victory in 1995 is believed to be one of the reasons that the country was able to transition into a new form of democracy without too much civil unrest. The team has continued to see success on the field over the years and remain a formidable force.

  1. New Zealand

The All Blacks are, without a doubt, the best rugby side that the world has ever seen. They currently hold the record for the most World Cup victories of all time and have consistently proven their mettle countless times. There are almost no international teams that have been able to best the All Blacks over the years, excluding South Africa and Australia, and the All Blacks have become legendary within the sport. One of their signature moves is the haka, which is a traditional war dance that they perform before the start of every game.

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