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The Most Memorable Moments In Rugby History

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Rugby is one of the most well-loved sporting games around the world. With great players competing for treasured trophies, the world of rugby has kicked up its fair share of memorable moments. What are some of the rugby goals, wins and events that will go down in history?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most memorable moments in rugby:

Japan Beats The Springboks

Japan beating the Springboks in the 2015 World Cup was one of those great underdog moments. This game served as a wake-up call for the two-time champion South African team and for rugby lovers the world over. The result is often dubbed the biggest upset in rugby union history. After that match, many people backed Japan for the remainder of the cup, rooting for the unlikely team, however South Africa came back strong, walking away with a third place at the end of the day.

The Rise of Jonah Lomu

So much more than just one moment, the rise of Jonah Lomu saw this player become one of the most memorable in the sport’s history. One of his most memorable matches was during the 1995 World Cup when the then 21-year-old New Zealand player scored four tries against England in the semi-final match.

France Beats The All Blacks

Another great underdog story saw France beating the All Blacks in the 1999 World Cup with a score of 43-31, knocking the New Zealanders out of the world cup. The game remains one of the greatest upsets in Rugby history however it was to be repeated in 2017 when the France made a comeback in the second-half of their match to turn around a score of 13-3 to the All Blacks, to a 20-18 win.

Rugby Unites A Nation

One of the most memorable rugby moments is without doubt the 1995 Springbok World Cup win. While the boys played an impressive game against New Zealand in the final, there was not a try eye in the house when Nelson Mandela, himself dressed in a Springbok jersey, presented the trophy to captain Francois Pienaar. The event is still credited as one of the greatest post-apartheid moments that served to unite a broken nation.

A Dance Off

The 2011 Rugby World Cup was kicked off by an opening match between New Zealand and Tonga. Both teams performed their well-known pre-match rituals, namely the Haka and the Sipi Tau, bringing an unbelievable, powerful atmosphere into the stadium that seemed to shake every audience member to their core. It was as fun to watch as spinning the CAD reels, and as memorable too.

Namibia Left On Their Knees

Australia still holds the record for the largest margin of victory in a World Cup when they smashed Namibia 142-0 in 2003. The Aussies put the first points on the board within the first two minutes of the game and from then on showed they were an unstoppable force. In total, the Australian team scored an impressive 22 tries during the game, usurping New Zealand who previously held the record for the most tries in a single game.

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