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The Most Common Basketball Betting Mistakes

Sebastian Langer 0

Basketball makes for a great sport to start putting money down on, both for beginner and experienced bettors. The fast-paced gameplay, the incredible selection of teammates, the many events that take place every year, as well as a wide range of bookie coverage makes for many opportunities to make big money.

When starting out with basketball betting for the first time, it’s fairly common for a bettor to stumble across a few mistakes every now and again; it’s all part of the experience. Here we will look at some of the most common basketball betting mistakes and how it successfully avoid making them.

  1. Not Taking Injuries Seriously

Anyone that has followed the game of basketball for any amount of time will be well aware that often enough the injuries that players suffer on the court can sometimes be brutal, leaving them out of the game for weeks or sometimes months at a time. Sports injuries, depending on how severe they are, can make a big impact not just on the performance of a player, but the overall performance of a team in general.

A bettor that wants to find long-term success will want to always ensure that they are up to date on any injuries that have recently been suffered by any of the players. This is especially important if the player in question is one of the more talented members of the team and can have a big impact on how well they do.

  1. Not Keeping Track Of Schedules

The basketball season is made up of 82 regular games that take place over the course of a year, although this does not include the play-offs or the preseason matches. Scheduling is incredibly important to the teams that participate in the many games that occur over the season, and it’s something that a bettor will want to keep a close eye on as they choose a wager to place their money on.

This can give the bettor an idea of how recently a team has played in a match, and how likely they are to perform when faced against another team that is well-rested, or conversely has not played in a long time and may not be up to par in terms of experience.

  1. Emotional Betting

This is not just a mistake that’s common to basketball, but to all sports. Lots of bettors make the mistake of choosing a bet or wager that’s based on the teams or players that they like on a personal level, and it can even affect how they do on sites like

This usually leads to failure, as the odds don’t really care about personal preferences, and will always be in the favour of the team that’s the most well-rested, has a good playing record, has few injuries, and is playing at home. It’s important to take the time and do the research before making a bet to determine which player is likely to do the best, and not which team is a personal favourite.

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