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The Interesting History Of Basketbal

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While basketball may not be quite as popular internationally as something like football, it’s still followed by millions of fans across the world. Consisting of some of the greatest athletes of all time, basketball started out as a small game played by only a handful and would eventually become a pastime that would thrill countless fans.

It’s not the oldest sport around, either, but it has a long and fascinating history that spans over the course of a century, giving rise to the modern sport that we know and love today. This is how basketball was first started, and how it would become the world-famous pastime that enthrals so many in modern times.

The Origins of Basketball

The game of basketball can be traced by to 1891, where it was first invented by Dr James Naismith, who was a member of the Springfield College of Massachusetts. The collect was, at the time, was an International YMCA Training School, and the game itself was created as a means of indoor activity for the YMCA leaders. When it was very first placed, peach baskets were hung at each end of the court, which consisted of peach baskets. This is how the game was given its name, one that would stick for over a century.

How Basketball Evolved

The very first rule set of the game had been published a year after the game was invented, in 1892, which was done through the famous YMCA movement. It didn’t take long for its popularity to spread throughout much of Canada and the United States. This was also the same year that the first official game took place, where England played at Birkenhead YMCA. A year later, basketball was introduced into the Physical Collect in Hampstead, and a number of rules and regulation changes would take place, giving rise to another game at the time: netball.

By the time of the turn of the century, a professional league had been created in the USA, and over a decade later, the sport had become a major sport throughout most of the country, as well as the UK. It was also introduced as an official sport at the Paris Olympic Games, of which Great Britain won the trophy.


Before the National Basketball Association was created, the England Basketball Association had been formed, as far back as 1936. It remained a popular sport among schools and colleges for the next 30 years, and eventually men’s and women’s leagues would be established. By the start of 2000, there were over 200 teams that had entered over 16 national leagues. Ten years later, and 117 member countries became official members of FIBA making it the fastest-growing indoor sport of the time, a title that it’s only recently lost to competitive video games, although a person can buy Bitcoin instantly online and still have money left over to buy a ticket.

Today, basketball is a well-known community activity, and can be found offered at most schools and campuses throughout the globe.

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