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Technology And The Future Of Basketball

Sebastian Langer 0

Humans have been participating in sports for thousands of years, but it’s only been in the last 100 years that we’ve taken some of our favourite sports and turned them international for the entire world to enjoy. Along with this, but the rise of modern technology has allowed sports scientists, teams, and organisations to begin integrating much of that technology into the sports that we love so much.

In fact, this technology is allowing coaches and managers the chance to learn everything they need to know about their team, all in high definition and exquisite quality. Let’s look at how technology is set to shape the future of basketball and how it might one day affect the game.

Wearable Tech

One form of technology that has made big waves in the world of sporting is wearable tech. This usually consists of pieces of clothing that have circuitry directly weaved into it, which allowed the collection of valuable information about the athlete’s body. It has quickly grown in popularity within the professional sphere as more and more players and teams have adopted it in order to improve their performances.

Basketball is no exception, and while wearable tech has officially been banned by the NBA during official matches, it’s used every day on the court. In the coming years, it’s believed that this kind of tech will grow ever more integrated into the sports that we enjoy, and much of the information pulled from the players might even one day be made available to the general public.

Data Collection

The collection of data is nothing new, especially in an era known as the Age of Information, so it makes sense that this same data collection would extend to other parts of the world, including professional sports. In fact, it’s now common practice to collect information from matches as they happen, and the amount being collected is far more than most people probably realise. In fact, it gives the view the chance to go through each detail as much as they need to, allowing them to pick apart every second of the game, how the players move and react, and so much more.

It’s expected that this kind of information gathering will continue to grow as coaches look for ways to improve the chances of their own team’s success.

In fact, one day these data may even lay the foundation for winning strategies, giving managers and coaches the chance to shape how their team players against others using the collected data, similar to how some use past information to find more winnings on sites like

The Future of Footwear

When it comes to wearable tech, few other items get quite as much focus as footwear. Part of the reason for this is because the sneakers that a pro wears out on the court can provide a huge amount of valuable information, especially considering how fast-paced basketball is on a professional level.

Companies like Nike have taken this even further, creating shoes that are able to adapt over the course of the game, providing better comfort and more agility, and it’s likely that these will become standard in coming years.