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What Are Rugby Novelty Bets?

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What Are Rugby Novelty Bets?

When it comes to betting, rugby is one of the most bet on sports in the world. There are passionate fan bases in many parts of the world, most of which are more than happy to put their money where their mouth is. After all, what could be a more passionate show of support for a favourite team than placing a bet on that team to win? And that is, of course, the most common bet to place; on a favourite to win a match.

A bet not only acts as a show of support, but also adds an extra layer of excitement to a match up. If your team wins, not only can that be celebrated, but also the extra cash that is going into your pocket. It’s a winning situation all round.

But what about the new rising trend of novelty bets? Many tend to brush them off as silly, or childish, but novelty bets are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s take a look at how they work, and how they can be more than just childish or silly.

How Does A Novelty Bet Work?

A novelty bet is a bet placed on something outside the norm, relating to a rugby game. Placing bets on a team to win or lose is expected, but novelty bets are not concerned with these straightforward results. Instead, novelty bets target other aspects of rugby games, often aspects that are disregarded, or even completely ignored.

For example, a novelty rugby bet might involve predicting how many times a certain player will fumble a catch, or even if a certain player will get injured, and call for medical attention. Too straightforward for you? Some novelty bets even go as far as to allow predictions on if a player will get involve din a fight, or be reprimanded by the referee for bad behaviour.

Yes, at first glance these may seem like silly things to bet on, but upon further inspection it becomes obvious that novelty bets a great way to earn money. After all, money is money, and betting is betting, so why not bet on unusual aspects of rugby games if it means cash in your pocket?

Where To Place Novelty Bets

Note that like online Roulette NZ games, novelty bets are banned in some countries, so be sure to check your local laws concerning online gambling and novelty bets. For those countries where novelty bets are allowed, simply check to see what novelty betting options are available at your favourite online bookmaker.

Note that different websites may offer different novelty betting options, so it’s worth looking around to see the various bets available. Let’s be sure to keep in mind that, as with all betting, odds on certain novelty bets may fluctuate, and should be checked regularly. Some websites even offer bonus betting options, allowing a bet to be placed on a team to win, as well as a free bet on a novelty betting option. This again will depend on bookmaker websites, but is a great way o get a bit of extra action on top of your standard bet.

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