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Rugby Around The world

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Most modern sports found around the world today can find their origins somewhere in the United Kingdom, and rugby is one of the few that gained international fame.

Today, rugby is played by dozens of countries around the globe, and each country has leagues, clubs, and competitions of their own which reside alongside the various international events.

Any country in the world that has had any associated with Great Britain in the last two hundred years has ended up adopting rugby in some form or another, which is why the sport can now be found just about everywhere you look.

While not as popular or as widely recognised as football or American basketball, rugby nonetheless has a massive impact on the sporting world, and world events garner in millions of fans every year.

Enthusiasts flock to games, looking to support their teams, socialise, and watch the players in action. While the game might be popular around the world, there are some countries that take it a lot more seriously than others.

The United States

While known more for its other sports such as baseball and American football, the United States has a massive rugby player-base with up to 90000 recorded players, and over 2500 clubs.

Rugby sits alongside American football as a touch contact sport, and many in the country prefer the appeal of rugby thanks to its more aggressive nature.

New Zealand

Rugby has truly shined in the Oceanic regions, but especially within Australia and New Zealand. Although New Zealand is much smaller and has a much lower population in comparison to Australia, there are much more registered players – up to 1.5 million – making rugby the most popular sport in the country.

Apart from enjoying the games themselves, many New Zealand players like to take part in the world of sports betting, and sports betting NZ has become an integral part of the rugby scene in the country.


Following closely behind New Zealand in terms of clubs and players is Australia, and even though they might have fewer register players, the Australian national rugby teams are formidable, and considered some of the best teams in the world.

Australian teams have also had the honour of winning the World Cup on more than one occasion, and many see rugby as a natural Australian sport, as they even have less registered players in the country than the United States, despite their numerous international wins.


France and Great Britain have a long and interesting history, and many of the sports and both countries have adopted traditions that have emerged over the last few centuries.

Rugby is one such sport, and France boasts the most registered players in the world with over 2 million as of 2016.

South Africa

The southernmost country on the African continent, South Africa is well known for many things, but its rugby teams are some of the best in the world and are internationally recognised for their ferocity on the playing field.

The country’s rise to fame came in 1995 with the winning of the World Cup, just a year after the Apartheid regime had come to an end, uniting the country in celebration.

There are many other countries that enjoy rugby, but these are the nations that have teams that play the hardest and take home the biggest prizes.

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