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Biggest Rugby Betting Mistakes

Sebastian Langer 0

Rugby is a great sport for beginners and professionals to bet on. With games throughout the year, consistent teams and great availability of information, rugby is one of the best betting sports out there. Diving head first and winning your first bet is an amazing experience, but should not be done without some caution. These are the biggest mistakes bettors make when betting on rugby.


Team Loyalty

The majority of sports bettors who bet on rugby started betting because they love the game. Loving the game is a huge advantage as it will make research and learning the finer details of the game easy as can be, but it is also a drawback in some senses.

One of the biggest mistakes that a punter can make is putting too much faith and overestimating the abilities of their favourite team. Even if your team is the best out there, that does not mean there will be good value to bets, and it certainly does not mean they will not have a bad day. It’s important to rely on your research and accurate assessments, rather than just the following of a certain team.


 Injuries are often ignored or overlooked in rugby. Just because a player is back on the field, does not always mean they are in their top physical shape. Rugby is an extremely physical game which demands 100% of the player’s physical abilities. A small healing knee injury can mean a huge slow-down for the back line, and a small back injury can change the dynamics of a scrum.

In this sense, rugby is one of the most team-oriented games around. If one player is unable to keep the pace, the rest of their teammates can be slowed down. This is not always the case, mostly they will try and keep a player off the field until they are fully healed, but it’s always advised to keep a close eye on players who are fresh back on the field.

Emotional Betting

 Betting with emotion ties closely into team loyalty and goes even further still. To be a successful punter who wins regularly at and other sites, one needs to separate emotion from the betting process. Making large rash bets to accommodate previous losses is a great way to break the bank and have a generally bad time. The best bettors in the world have bad days, a part of what makes them so great is the ability to shrug off the bad and continue with making well-thought-out bets within their budget.

Not Betting On Value

 One of the biggest mistakes new bettors make is not looking for value in their bets. A low risk bet with great chance of winning means very little if there is no value in the odds. Learning to understand the odds and from there, calculate the implied probability will be vital in finding good value in your bets. Value is one of the biggest factors that can change the nature of profit you make from your betting.

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