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Betting On Rugby For Beginners

Sebastian Langer 0

With an estimated 500 million avid followers, rugby is one of the most popular sports around. The brutal contact, the fascinating tactics and the team spirit, there are few sports out there as exciting as rugby is. Rugby is an amazing game to watch and can be an even better sport to bet on.

Knowing The Sport

Before making your bets on rugby, one of the most important steps is your knowledge of the sport. There are a lot of guides available on the internet teaching the basics of rugby, but to grasp the small nuances of a game, a veteran of the sport is best. Try to watch rugby with veteran fans or experienced players for the best learning experience, after all, nobody knows rugby better than those who play the sport.

Know The Bets

When betting on any rugby game, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal will be the type of bets you make. Good knowledge of the game and teams with a sound bet to back it up will be a sure-fire way to betting success. Rugby isn’t typically a game with a lot of available bets, so it’s essential to make the bets you make count.

  • Match Betting – A match bet is about as simple as it comes. You place a wager on which team you believe will win one specific match. These are great bets for fun and to support your favourite team but aren’t always big money bets. Match bets will be accompanied by odds to try and even the playing field. Match bets are best used when you can find good value in the odds.
  • Handicap Betting – A handicap bet is much like a match bet, only that instead of odds, there is a handicap on the favourite team. The underdogs will start with a base number of points, meaning that even if they lose the match by a close margin, it could still be a winning bet. Just as in match betting, the value proposition will be extremely important in handicap betting
  • Over/Under – Over under is a great style of bet for those not very familiar with the teams at hand. In over/under bets, you will bet on the number of points scored in a game, be it over or under a set point. The outcome of the match does not matter, only the number of points scored.
  • Tournament betting – Tournament betting usually has great potential value, as it is much harder to predict than a single match. In tournament betting, you will place a wager on a team who you believe will win the tournament.
  • Player bets – Player bets are a great way to reduce the research required to make an accurate bet. Usually on a member of the back line, a player bet will usually be in an over/under style relating to the points scored by an individual player.

Whichever bet you make, research on the players and teams will be important to your betting success.

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