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Why Ronaldo Remains on Top – Online Sports

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Why is Ronaldo Still on Top?

While many believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is heading to the later stages of his career at the age of 32, there is no doubt that this exceptionally talented player still sits at the top in terms of international football.

Ronaldo’s success playing for Manchester United was further elevated when he signed with Real Madrid and gained them consecutive Champions League winner medals, which is just one of the factors that have made this football star a top player in one of the world’s most popular spectator sports.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons Ronaldo is and will be one of the best players to grace our screens.

An Abundance of Achievements

If you want to gain a little insight into why Ronaldo has remained on top, take a look at his track record and it will instantly become clear. This skilled football player has scored an incredible 285 goals in as many as 265 games playing for Madrid.

However, his success doesn’t simply rely on the achievements he has made in the past, but on the fact that it doesn’t seem like he will be slowing down any time soon – regardless of the fact that his age would normally suggest otherwise.

FIFA 18’s Cover Star

Ronaldo has been dubbed the cover star of FIFA 18, and has been widely tipped as the top player in the rankings when the game gets released. Along with Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo has proven to be the most dominant star FIFA has produced in the past few years.

While his pace in FIFA appears to have reduced slightly, his precision in dribbling and acceleration has remained among the best in the business.

His most recent achievement secured him as one of the best players to perform under pressure, when he scored a goal in the Champions League final and fastened a back to back win for Real Madrid.

What the Future Holds

As I mentioned earlier, it is not necessarily all of his past achievements that proves why Ronaldo is still on top, but in the fact that his future looks bright at the age of 32, which is a time when most players’ skills start to decline.

His dribbling and finishing abilities have lead many to believe that even at the age of 33 his overall rating will still sit above 90, further proving that his career isn’t close to ending just yet.

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A Living Legend

In terms of maintaining fitness and furthering his career, Ronaldo is the best of the best. His drive and sincere love of the game have made this Portuguese football star a crowd favourite and what will ultimately make sure he remains amongst the top for many years to come.

Of course, we never know what the future holds for our favourite star will do everything in his power to stay ahead of the game.

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