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World’s Most Popular Football Leagues – Online Sports

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The World’s Most Popular Football Leagues

There is a lot of debate around which football league is the best or most entertaining to watch, but the one thing we can be certain about is football’s unfading popularity amongst people all over the world.

While determining the most entertaining league is entirely based on personal preference, we can take a look at which have proven to be the most popular and what it is that makes them the most exciting to watch.

5. French Ligue 1

While we can look at the quality of a competition, there is nothing like the excitement, newsworthiness and reputation that comes with league games. When looking at why they are so popular, we consider transfer fees, attendances and average goals per game.

Along with the Dutch League, the French Ligue 1 has proven to be extremely popular amongst football fans, with consistency in achieving high numbers in all of the aforementioned aspects.

The goals per game factor does have room for some improvement, but overall the French Ligue 1 brings enough thrills to make this league a favourite.

4. Italian Serie A

Another popular football league, and considerably more well liked than the French Ligue 1, Serie A has had some exciting transfers with some of the best names in the game, which has ultimately made it a favourite amongst spectators.

Great players being transferred also makes for some exciting betting opportunities, just like more online pokies NZ games! Serie A might not have as many attendances, but it is certainly on its way back.

3. German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is among the top 3 when it comes to the world’s most popular football leagues, offering its spectators the entertainment that accompanies great youth production and a large number of stars simply bursting with skill.

That said, the German Bundesliga falls short in a surprising area, with just 2.7 goals a game. However, what it lacks in goals, it makes up for in attendance.

2. Spanish La Liga

The top 2 most popular football leagues the world has ever seen are almost neck and neck, and the Spanish La Liga is one of them. This league is quite comfortably the most expensive of them all and maintains an excellent level of newsworthiness.

It also scores big when it comes to the number stars it boasts, as well as competitive edge in terms of the quantity of great teams. Where the Spanish La Liga loses out is with the most expensive purchases as well as in attendances, but this league is certainly one worth tuning into.

1. English Premier League

Widely considered to be the most popular football league in the world, and rightfully so, the English Premier League offers the most exciting entertainment in terms of football leagues. With unceasing news coverage, high-end clubs in abundance and massive transfer fees it isn’t hard to see why.

In spite of the fact that it falls a bit short with national youth talent development, the English Premier League has and will prove to be the most popular of leagues for quite some time.

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