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Interesting Facts About NBA Players

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The NBA has nearly been in existence for seventy years. With a long and rich history and interesting NBA players, the sport has given fans the most memorable sporting experience of all time.

It’s a game loved around the world. Many countries play it but there is just one league that separates the boys from the men and that’s the NBA.

Basketball players are a diverse towering lot. They grace the stage and captivate fans with their skills, but there are some interesting facts about NBA stars that we can almost guarantee you didn’t know.

The following interesting facts about NBA players will delight basketball fans, providing you with a fresh twist on the game.

The Bow Legged Star 

Josh Howard wasn’t born a superior athlete. Howard developed bowlegs, a condition that usually results from walking too early.

His legs had to be broken and reset to fix the issue, going on to become one of the greatest players in the NBA.

Diaper Boy 

Richard Hamilton also known as RIP got his nickname from his father. NBA enthusiast may be shocked to hear that Richards father used to rip his diapers up as a baby, and the name stayed with him all during his career.

Perhaps his father got frustrated with the endless struggles of fatherhood and the daily inconvenience of having to change those diapers.

The Right Hand Master

LeBron James one of the greatest right-handed shooters in the NBA actually eats and writes with his left hand.

The man is completely ambidextrous and a favourite with the betting apps Australia has to offer, as he so often leads his team to victory.

Metta World City 

Metta World Peace or MWP applied for a job at circuit city somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago.

It would be an interesting moonlight gig for an NBA player. That was long ago and it’s doubtful as to whether he’d still take the gig.

Stacking Up 

When you think of the NBA, you think of towering players reaching nearly 8 foot. Basketball enthusiast will be keen to learn that the tallest player and shortest player in the NBA were actually on the same team.

The pair played for the Bullets during the 1987-1988 NBA season. Their names were Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues.

One Three Pointer 

Shaquille O’Neal is a household name in the basketball domain. You would expect all kinds of line shots from the number 34 Lakers player.

Basketball enthusiasts will be surprised to know that Shaq has only ever successfully landed 1 three-point throw.

Shaq has attempted 22 three point throws but has only ever landed the 1 when the Orlando Magic’s played against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jordan’s Banned 

Jordan sneakers spread across the planet in a wide spread phenomenon that saw the shoes becoming one of the most popular accessories for any potential basketball enthusiast.

The commissioner at the time, David Stern didn’t want Jordan to wear the sneakers because of the colour clash with the Bull’s uniform. Stern fined Jordan $5000 every time he wore them.

Nike happily obliged and covered the fines for Jordan every time he did so.

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