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Common Injuries Suffered in Rugby

Sebastian Langer 0

The game of rugby has earned something of a reputation for itself due to the physical interaction that takes place between the players while out on the field.

Because it’s a fast-paced contact sport usually played by a large number of strong male players, it’s inevitable that many of them are going to sustain injuries at one point or another. In fact, some injuries are so common within the game that anyone who plays it expects to suffer from at least one of them at one point or another.

Here we will look at some of the more common injuries in rugby, how often they occur, what they consist of, and what it could mean for the player.

Dislocated Shoulders

One of the most important parts of rugby is being able to catch and hold on to the ball, but it also means that a player’s arms are often kept out from their body, which creates the perfect opportunity for an injury to occur, especially because a lot of pressure is put on the shoulder.

Dislocated shoulders are extremely common and take place when the shoulder is dislodged from the socket where the shoulder meets the arm. This usually means the player needs to leave the game early, and may often require medical attention, followed by physical therapy to make sure everything works again.

Slipped Discs

A slipped disc is another injury that happens fairly frequently in rugby, and it can either be something that causes mild pain, or can be as extreme as permanent paralysis, depending on the injury and how quickly it’s seen to.

Tackling in rugby is often the culprit, and the more that a player is tackled, the more that the connective tissue in the neck and the back is worn down to the point where the discs are no longer aligned. This can be quite a severe injury that can cause intense pain and often sees the player immediately being removed from the field once it occurs.


Perhaps the most serious of the injuries that players suffer while playing rugby, a concussion is often considered a medical emergency that needs to be seen to as quickly as possible. Concussions happen when the brain is pushed violently against the skull, causing swelling and sometimes even long-term damage.

Concussions can happen more than a few times in a row, and it’s widely regarded as the most common injury within the game. Concussions are also considered extremely serious, and players that have suffered from one will usually be carted off of the field as soon as they have any symptoms that point toward a concussion. They might have to stay in bed for a few times, and while that’s great for keeping up with, it might affect their career in the game.

Sprained Muscles

These are not nearly as serious as concussions or slipped discs and occur when the muscles or tends are pulled too much, often when running and tackling. This is a minor injury that can be healed fairly quickly, meaning that the player does not have to be away from the game for too long.