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The Greatest Modern Rugby Games The World Has Ever Seen

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The Greatest Modern Rugby Games

Rugby is one of the most played sports around the world, that much is not surprising – what is surprising, however, is the fact that the sport has been played in one form or another for centuries. The games was first truly started in Britain, where crude forms of rugby were played mostly among friends. Over time, it evolved, becoming the more modern version that we are familiar with today.

Like many of the world’s most beloved sports, rugby quickly spread to all the countries that were once under British rule, and many of these countries truly excelled at the game, surpassing the English in terms of skill and ferocity. Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa in particular are renown for having some of the best rugby teams globally.

While fun to play and watch, rugby has also given rise to massive global tournaments. These attract millions of people from every corner of the world, and some watch for the sheer entertainment, and others enjoy it for the betting scene, such as the online betting in NZ that has become popular in recent years. This has also lead to some of the best rugby matches in history that are still remembered to this day.

Australia vs New Zealand – 1991

There has always been a great rivalry between the two countries, especially when it comes to rugby. This culminated in a fantastic battle between the two teams that took place in 1991, Lansdowne Road, for the world cup. Australia eventually won the game, but it was a titanic battle until the end.

Australia vs France – 1987

France was always considered a wildcard in the rugby world; being able to completely blind side their opposing team with sheer skill, but also being just as capable of dropping their guard completely. They surprised many in the 1987 World Cup, rising through the ranks until they eventually ended up facing Australia, who by then was already world famous for its potent rugby teams.

Despite the odds, a last, incredible sprint to the end by France ensured victory against Australia in a memorable performance.

France vs New Zealand, 1999

Due to the aforementioned ability of France to change their luck on the field seemingly at whim, it made for another incredible game during the 1999 World Cup, where the team rose through the pool before standing before New Zealand. New Zealand, like Australia, has always had a formidable rugby presence, and many were not certain how exactly the game would play out.

It was a little more clear cut for France in this game, and they showed incredible skill for both halves of the game, eventually winning the game at 43 to 31.

Australia vs New Zealand, 2000

The deep rivalry between these two cannot be emphasized enough, and it was at the 2000 Tri Nations Series that had the Aussies and the All Blacks at each other’s throats once again. It was one of the greatest games that rugby fans had ever witnessed, and it looked like New Zealand was going to take the win.

A last minute, incredible play by Australia handed them the winning points, in what would become legendary in rugby history.

These rivalries will continue to live on, giving us more fantastic moments that will always be remembered.

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