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The Greatest American Football Legends Of All Time

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There are a lot of aspects that set North America apart, and make it unique against other countries in the world. Apart from its beautiful countryside, fascinating politics, and diverse culture, everyone has heard of the Americans’ deep love of their sports.

Baseball, basketball, even rugby, are just some of the sports that the average American adores as much as the average European adores soccer. But when it comes to American football, there is an entire new level of adoration and appreciation that a lot of people from other countries simply can’t understand.

American football is like no other, and while it is seemingly just two teams running into each other for those that haven’t had much exposure to the sport, the reality is that football is actually a game of tactics, skill, teamwork, speed, and brute force.

Among the millions that have had their go at the game over the last hundred years, there have been many that have outshone their teammates, going on to become professionals in the sport. Among those, however, are some players that have been so exceedingly skilled that they have become legends among both fans and other players.

Whether you enjoy watching football for the intensity, or are more into learning about online sports betting guides to improve your football betting, you will most likely have come across some or all of these legendary players.

Walter Payton

Known as Sweetness on the field, this unimposing man only measuring in at 5 foot 10 would quickly become known as one of the best running backs the game had ever seen.

Finding fame during the 1970s, Payton was adored by fans because of his sheer dedication to finishing off a run in the middle of a game.

There were few other players that were able to stop Payton once he had started for the scoring line.

Joe Montana

The owner of 4 Lombardi trophies and 3 Super Bowl MVP awards, Montana is a well-known player even for those that aren’t interested in the sport.

Montana held a quiet confidence on the field, but this quarterback, while lacking the size and strength of other players, found success in the precision in which he’d get a touchdown.

Lawrence Taylor

Often considered one of the greatest linebackers in the history of football, Taylor had gained a reputation as being outright crazy on the field.

Lawrence Taylor - The Greatest American Football Legends Of All Time

Unpredictable and relentless, Taylor didn’t let anyone stand in his way, and became a symbol of unbreakable defence for his team.

Jim Brown

Brown, a running back, played over 9 seasons during the 50s and 60s, and earned a massively impressive 106 touchdowns during his career.

Brown was the master of rushing through the field, and no other player has had quite the same skill for carrying a ball since.

Jerry Rice

Considered by many experts to be the greatest wide receiver, Rice was an unstoppable force during a game, and his precise handling, incredible stamina, and iron will led him to victory countless times.

Rice wasn’t just a beast on the field, but was reported to have spent entire days lifting weights and running for hours on end, and it showed whenever he was playing.

There have been many legendary players that have hit the scene over the years, but these five are some that just about any football enthusiast will remember fondly.

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