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Check out the Common Football Terminologies

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Football is the world’s most popular sport, being followed by over 3 billions fans from around the globe, and hosting some of the biggest events in the sports industry. It’s also among the oldest sports that we’re currently still playing, and much of the common terminology used in modern games has developed over many decades.

For those that are getting into the sport for the first time, or for those that simply want to know more about the different commonly used terminologies for betting purposes, this breakdown will provide insight into what it all means on the field. It’s important to note that these terminologies can change in different regions

Bicycle Kick: This is where the player flips backwards and kicks the ball forward over his head.

Clear: When defender manages to kick the ball away from the goals, which usually heads down the middle of the field or out of bounds, which is commonly known as clearing the goals.

Chip Pass: This is a pass that’s kicked high with backspin

Corner Kick: When the ball cross the goal line after it lasted touched one of the defenders, a member of the offensive tea is able to play the ball from the nearest corner.

Direct Kick: A direct kick is an unguarded kick that is awarded by the referee following a foul, such as tripping, jumping, pushing, spitting, striking, or kicking an opponent. When a tackle is performed, the player will need to first make contact with the ball, or a direct kick is the result, which is also commonly known as a hand ball.

Dribble: The act of keeping control of the ball by dragging, tapping, or rolling it in front of the body. This is one of the simplest ball control techniques that a player will learn, and is used throughout their career on the field.

Free Kick: A free kick is a kick from the spot where a foul occurred, which is awarded to the team that was victim of the foul, and the opposing players will need to stand as far away as 10 yards until the ball is kicked, after which the game continues.

Goal Kick: This is simply when one of the opposing players manages to get the ball past the goal line, or when the defence kicks the ball from within the goal area. Opposing team members are not allowed to enter the penalty area until the ball has been kicked back into the main play area.

Indirect Kick: This is an unguarded kick that follows minor fouls, such as dangerous play, offsides, impeding the progress of another player, or stopping the goalie from releasing the ball back into play. The ball has t be touched at least once by a player after the kick before another goal can be scored.

Punt: This is a long distance kick that is made by the goalie, who drops and kicks the ball before it lands on the ground.

Scrimmage: This is another word for a game that is played on friendly terms, otherwise known as a practice game among the players, for instance, demo gambling games are provided by the sites at to practice before real money wagering .

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