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Betting and Winning on the AFL

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Betting and Winning on the AFL

The Australian Football League is currently made of 18 teams which are spread over five of the six states in Australia, with Tasmania being the only exception. Matches for these games are played in all of the mainland states and territories of Australia, as well as in New Zealand and even China, as attempts are made to promote the sport outside of its home country.

The AFL season is currently made up of a pre-season contest, known as the JLT Community Series, which is then followed by a regular, or home and away, season of 23 rounds, which takes place over the winter in Australia, from March through to September.

The top eight teams will then face off in a finals series of four rounds, which culminates in the AFL Grand Final, hosted by the Melbourne Cricket Ground every year. The winners of these matches are named the premiers, and are awarded the premiership cup.

This game is very popular with punters, and many are interested in what ways wagering can win them more money -read on for hints and tips!

The Bets Best Avoided

While multi-bets may seem potentially very lucrative, with the huge payouts they provide for relatively small investments, they are not a great way to make money on the AFL. These bets are a good choice for those who are looking strictly for entertainment, but serious punters should give them a miss. Betting on the AFL demands a different sort of focus than that which the gambling online casino entertainment provides, and requires far more research beforehand. You need to know the teams, the players, and make informed decisions rather than relying on luck.

The Bets to Boost Your Bankroll

Punters are advised to lay H2H, Line, and Totals, as these are the markets which have been set at the most excellent market percentage for bettors. Markets which tend to the exotic side, like Most Possessions and Most Goals, are set at higher market percentages which favour the bookmaker, so these are tricky to make money from -although by no means impossible.

Truth be told, even markets like Pick Your Own Line and Margins tend to favour the sportsbook, so try to focus your wagers on singles on H2H, Totals, and Lines as often as you can, unless, of course, you spot excellent value elsewhere.

Leave Betting to the Last Minute

Another great tip is that you do not place your bet until the last possible moment. Player injuries and late team changes can totally alter the outlook of a game, so try and sit tight until you are sure the information you are basing your bets on is 100% accurate. Similarly, the markets set up early on give the bookmaker a far greater edge than those on offer just before the game begins.

Keep Your Eye on the Sky

Another reason to hold off on your wagers for as long as possible is the weather. What the climate is doing plays a pivotal part in Totals betting, for example, as wet and windy days make scoring more challenging, and if you take the Overs wager to early on you may lose your bet before the game begins when the elements enter the picture!

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