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Three Match Ban for Rude Football Fan

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Three Match Ban for Rude Football Fan

Fans are furious as one of their ilk have received a suspended ban to cover three matches after he was spotted on television making a rude gesture.

The suspect got handed the punishment after one of his fellows noticed what he was doing as he watched the game on television, and then took it upon himself to pen a letter to the unnamed club in order to demand that something be done.

FSF Faircop Revealed All On Twitter

FSF Faircop tweeted that the suspended three-match ban was accompanied by the fan being told off, as a result of how offensive the masturbatory gesture the spectator had made had been. The ban will apparently be implemented if the person who made the movement misbehaves again in the upcoming 12 months.

The account also revealed later on that the person in question would prefer not to disclose which club had ordered that he be punished -presumably so that no one else is able to spot him making the gesture!

Sounds like everyone should just relax, enjoy football in a non-offensive fashion -and perhaps enjoy a game of chance like the slots NZ makes available when things get too heated?

Fans are Rallying Behind the Supporter

Football fans, however, are backing the supporter, and are outraged that he has been punished for what they view as what has become part and parcel of enjoying a good game.

Reactions included people saying that they wondered whether whoever had reported the gesture realised that whatever the fan had done was not aimed at them, specifically, and calling the reaction ridiculous. Another outraged football fanatic commented that this kind of control was surely going to turn football match trips into something akin to going to the theatre.

Apparently this kind of punishment is contributing to the atmosphere at games dying, and the commentator wondered whether spectators would have to simply sit and politely applaud from now on.

The complainer, dubbed Armchair Fan, has, according to another outraged opponent of any kind of policing at games, never been to a football game in their life if they found the masturbatory movements offensive, and ended the diatribe by sadly concluding that the inmates have taken over the asylum.

There were musings as to whether or not farting behind the goal when a penalty kick was being taken by the opposition was next on the list of no-go behaviour.

Further Fan Trouble at Old Trafford on Sunday

FSF Faircop further revealed that fan trouble was rife at Old Trafford on Sunday as well, during the game wherein Manchester City won with a final score of 2 – 1 against their Manchester United Rivals.

A fan argued that a three-match ban was instituted for something small like this, but nothing is done regarding the chants of Hillsborough and Munich.

The account then responded that a fan of Manchester City got ejected for making a Munich gesture during Sunday’s game -a clear reference to the 1958 air disaster in Munich, in which the Red Devils team was involved, which resulted in 23 deaths.

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