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A New Stage Set for Actors in World Series Drama

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A New Stage Set for Actors in World Series Drama

When Rajai Davis’ two-year old son, Jordan Michael, is not minding his manners at dinner-time, the father knows exactly how to get him to start paying attention.

He asks his son whether or not he would like to watch his dad play baseball, and the answer is always yes.

Davis Loves to Relive the Moment

Davis then allows himself to replay the moment, using his son’s desire to watch is father at work as a way to relive the most significant at-bat that has taken place over the course of his 12-year career.

He and his son settle in to watch as Davis, choking up on the bat, lines a 2-run homerun on the left field line that would make the score a tie during the 8th inning of the seventh game of the 2016 World Series, an event which punters making use of the best NZ betting sites either rejoiced or despaired at.

What was as memorable as the homerun itself was the exuberant trip around the bases that went along with it. Tongue-wagging, finger pointed up to the sky, and chest-thumping accompanied it as Davis cheerfully lived out his dream.

Davis Says It’s the Stuff of Fairytales

Davis said he was a little embarrassed by how many times he has watched that moment, but the 36-year old outfielder justifies this by saying that it was a completely unbelievable moment for him.

He still can’t accept that it actually happened, and says that getting through that moment in time has been an incredible experience for him.

Both Players are with New Teams

Both Rajai Davis and Albertin Chapman are playing for new teams this season.

Davis signed up with the Oakland Athletics as a free agent, and got traded to the Red Sox two weeks ago, and Chapman is no longer with the Chicago Cubs, leaving as a free agent and returning to the New York Yankees. He began with the latter last season.

Davis and Chapman Have Not Yet Met on the Field

Although the players’ paths have crossed, the game on Sunday took place without them yet having met on the field for this season.

Chapman was out, on the disabled list, when the Oakland Athletics called on the Yankee Stadium in May, and only got reactivated for the Yankees’ four-game series final in Oakland in June.

Davis entered this game as a defensive replacement, and did not take the bat.

Davis Says That Moment is a Dream Come True

When Davis was asked earlier on in the season whether there has been some acknowledgment of that moment, even an unspoken one, he laughingly said that both players had certainly done so.

He added that he was certain this was unpleasant for Chapman, but that for him it had been a steady dream since he was playing for the Little Leagues, and he would not forget it in a hurry.

He acknowledged, however that Chapman no doubt wants to forget it in its entirety and would, if he could.

He said that it was a moment where who was going to win was unsure, and that for Chapman, this was almost definitely a shot to the heart.

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