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The 5 Most Well-known And Legendary Football Players

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Legendary Football Players

Of all the sports that are enjoyed around the world, none have quite reached the heights of football. Football is a phenomenon in the sporting world, boasting over 3 billion fans, international tournaments attended by millions, and some of the highest paid sportsmen on the planet.

As with any sport, there have been plenty of players that have stood out against their peers on the field, and these are the players that you will often hear about and watch while a game is on going. Among these top players, however, are some that have been so extraordinarily good at the game that they have become legends amongst fans and players alike.

Known for their unparalleled skill on the field and unprecedented talent with a ball, these players have outshone all the rest, entering themselves in the sporting ballads of history.

For years to come, these are the legendary players that will always be remembered, and names that will be recognised even by those that don’t follow the support at all.

Whether you are an enthusiastic fan of the game, or you simply enjoy taking part in online betting in NZ or other countries, these are the top 5 legendary football players in history.

5. Lionel Messi

Part of the Barcelona team that has seen some of the best football in recent years, Messi has achieved more than other players on his team.

Often considered the best player in the world right now – which is often denied by many critics – there’s no denying that Messi is a legend in his own right, and his achievements are too many to be ignored.

4. Johann Cruyff

Hailing for the Netherlands and hitting the scene in the 1970s, Cruyff is considered by many to be one of the best football players in history, and is well known for the tactics he employed during a match.

Not just a great player, Cruyff was also known for his creation of football systems that optimised the players in a game, offering better strategies for the team.

 3. Franz Beckenbauer

Also known as “Der Kaiser,” Beckenbauer was one of the best German football players the world has ever seen to date, and succeeded in just about every aspect of his professional career.

After wining a number of games during the 1970s, including World Cups and European Championships, Beckenbauer went on to become just as successful as a team manager.

2. Diego Maradona

Maradona is well known throughout the football world for a range of different reasons, but one that truly rocketed him to the status of legend was his performance at the World Cup in 1986.

During the game, Maradona landed 5 goals in total, along with 5 assists, and single-handedly led the team to international victory in that game.

After that, he enjoyed a long and success career that lasted until 1994, where his football fame came to an end.

1. Pele

Often cited as the greatest football player who ever lived, Pele’s legendary gameplay and exuberance on the field made him a favourite among fans. His Brazilian team won the World Cup twice, once in 1958, and again in 1970.

A lot of players have come and gone in the last 100 years, but few have left a mark as large as Pele, and he will always be remembered for his passion for the sport, his devotion to his team, and his unprecedented skill on the football field.

While new and better football players may yet appear in the future, we will never forget these 5 legends that changed the game forever.

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