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Big Earners In The World Of Rugby

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The success of the 1995 World Cup Rugby – hosted by South Africa - was the catalyst to move rugby from the amateur to the professional arena. Backed by the IRB, which declared Rugby Union club members salaried, rugby players are today some of the highest paid sports people in the world.

Regions Around the World Where Rugby is Worshiped

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As one of the world’s most popular sports, rugby has millions of followers around the world, and it’s difficult to find someone that doesn't like to sit back after a long day and watch their favourite teams fighting it out. But the popularity of the sport isn’t equal everywhere, and some regions love the sport so much that it’s become something of a religion to them. These are some of the places where rugby is just as much a part of the community as the local government.

5 Highest-Paid Rugby Players

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When it comes to the top-paid sportspeople, male footballers take the cake. However, as the highest-paid rugby players per season prove, you would be a fool to think that all the big money is limited to footie.

6 Interesting Facts About Rugby

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As one of the most popular sports in the world, rugby has garnered a following of millions of fans across the globe, and hosts some of the biggest events that sporting world has ever seen. From Australia to South Africa, rugby has always held a special place in many peoples’ hearts, and it’s a game that’s constantly changing and attracting new, loyal fans.

Bennet Knows How to Sell Rugby League to the USA

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Wayne Bennett has divulged his plans for rugby league to boom in the United States of America, as the coach for the Broncos and England turned up the heat on the code’s chiefs to grow the sport inside that country. Thirty years after being part of the State of Origin exhibition game in Los Angeles, Bennett is eager to sell the sport to the more than 300 million Americans by heading back to the USA next year along with the English team.